MVS Newsletter March 2020

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Sign up for the MVS Newsletter here. Well, this is the strangest MVS newsletter I’ve ever written. COVID-19 has turned society upside down, all over the world. Stay safe, minimize contact, wash your hands. If you’re working outside your home as an essential worker, thank you. If you’re working in the medical field, thank you […]

Rocktober 2019 MVS Newsletter

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[I’m going outside the usual MVS Newsletter format to focus on yesterday’s big XC40 news from Volvo.] The most exciting news of October is without a doubt the release of the fully electric XC40, what they call “XC40 Recharge”. Volvo Cars Launches Fully Electric Volvo XC40 Recharge From their press kit: Today Volvo Cars introduces […]

September 2019 Newsletter

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Volvo News C&D likes the XC60 T8 Polestar Engineered But with a turbocharger, a supercharger, and an electric component, is it asking for trouble? Best July performance in 12 years Volvo’s roll continues: Volvo Car USA posts best July performance in 12 years. August was also signifiant, with double-digit growth. CPO Volvos get free Volvo On Call All Certified […]

Volvo News – Newsletter March 2019

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MVS Volvo Newsletter March 2019 Want these to come to you? Subscribe to the MVS Newsletter here. Volvo News Volvo Announces Polestar 2 Good quick overview of Volvo… er… Polestar’s second vehicle, and how it competes with the Tesla Model 3. Here’s the MVS rundown of Polestar 2 vs. Model 3. Volvo Goes Full “Big […]

January MVS Newsletter

January 2019 Volvo News

Volvo News 2019 S60 is  the first Volvo built in the US It’s built in the brand new Charleston, South Carolina plant, and while it’s got that distinction, it might as well be the sexy and fast compact sedan that it is. Some S60 reviews:Car & DriverMotortrendJalopnik A History of the Volvo Amazon Polestar […]

MVS Newsletter November 2018

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Volvo News Luminar’s lidar is on display in a Volvo concept car, and the point is to show how the laser-based sensor dovetails with Volvo’s system for reading pedestrians’ body language. At the impressive distance of 250 meters, Luminar’s lidar can provide enough detail to let Volvo do what the carmaker calls “pose estimation.” Volvo’s […]

MVS Newsletter – Volvo News – March 2018

Mvs Newsletter March 2018

Volvo News – March 2018 The biggest news in the Volvo world is of course the Volvo XC90 Uber test vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian in Arizona ten days ago. Polestar 1 hybrid supercar is available for preorder for $2500. It’s only available as part of Volvo’s new subscription-based ownership model named “Care […]

Volvo News – Feb 2018 – MVS Newsletter

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This email newsletter went out on February 27th. Not subscribed? Get on the list here.   New V40 Spied? Is this the upcoming V40? We’ll see Volvo’s small, flexible CMA platform move beyond the new XC40 in 2019, when they debut the new V40. The brand new V40 will replace the then-seven-year-old predecessor V40. T6 Twin Engine “With the […]

MVS Newsletter: January 2018 Volvo News!

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This email newsletter went out on January 29th. Not subscribed? Get on the list here. Volvo News – January 2018 Please use MVS Sponsors. They’re the ones at the top of MVS pages. When you buy parts from them, you help keep MVS on the Web. IPD, eEuro, FCP and Voluparts. Features Part Two of […]

MVS Newsletter: December 2017 Volvo News!

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In 2018: Volvo XC40 debut, car “subscriptions”, and six-figure Volvos. It’s going to be weird. Happy New Year! Volvo News – December 2017  Please use MVS Sponsors. They’re the ones at the top of MVS pages. When you buy parts from them, you help keep MVS on the Web. IPD, eEuro, FCP and Voluparts. Looking […]

MVS Newsletter: October 2017 Volvo News!

Please support MVS sponsors! It helps… a lot. Your support for MVS sponsors allows me to keep MVS on the Web at its high-quality – promo code – promo code – promo code October 2017 Volvo News 1. Polstar 1 debuts! It’s bananas. 2. History of the Volvo 5-cylinder Engine 3. How to Deal […]

September 2017 MVS Newsletter… Volvo News!

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Want this delivered to your email inbox a day before it appears here? Subscribe to the MVS Newsletter. Welcome to the September 2017 MVS Newsletter! 1. The new XC40 – info here 2. Volvo Hearse! 3. Polestar tunes 4. Another 850 smashed 5. How do you lower an S60? 6. Abscate replaces his V70’s clutch, […]