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Leather Lotion & Restoring Leather Seats

Let’s talk about Restoring Leather Seats In college I worked for a leather store (Gepetto’s) near campus. When somone came in with a ‘quality’ leather garment to have…

volvo 850 seat

850 seat cushion foam replacement

The drivers seat in my 850 had broken down to the point where it was very uncomfortable to drive. I investigated having the bottom seat cushion foam replaced at a local upholstery shop and found that the foam cushion itself sells for $250.00 without the heater element and, with labor, the estimate was at least $600. As luck would have it I found a guy parting out a couple of 850s and bought the passenger side foam from him for – I think – $35.00 shipped. Subsequent to that purchase I found that my drivers side seat heater had burned out as well and was pleasantly surprised when the cushion came with a good working heater pad. I got the passengers side since the drivers side foam and the passengers side foam is identical. I figured that the passengers side would have the less wear than the drivers side. This isnt a huge job but it requires some patience.