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850 seat cushion foam replacement

volvo 850 seat

See what our forum members are saying about the 850 seat cushion.

All US 850s received standard equipment such as dual front airbags, anti-lock braking system, head restraints and three-point seat belts for all passengers, power windows, door locks, and mirrors, cruise control, and dual zone climate control. Side torso airbags became a world first when introduced as an option for 1995. Some other options during the model run included features such as traction control, leather interior, power glass sunroof, power seats, heated seats, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control, and automatic transmission.Our 850R seat skins are made with high quality leather, vinyl and suede. All panels are 1/4″ foam lined for a better fit and added comfort. You can find an 850 seat that does not use the OEM suede cloth, they use a new high tech suede that has been tested to the highest durability standards and we feel it will wear much better than the OEM suede. You can also find the 850 seat skins at the same price as a standard 850 seat.

MVS Forum Member Ozark Lee says:

The driver’s seat foam in my 850 had broken down to the point where it was very uncomfortable to drive. I investigated having the bottom seat cushion foam replaced at a local upholstery shop and found that the foam cushion itself sells for $250.00 without the heater element and, with labor, the estimate was “at least $600”. As luck would have it I found a guy parting out a couple of 850s and bought the passenger side foam from him for – I think – $35.00 shipped. Subsequent to that purchase I found that my drivers side 850 seat heater had burned out as well and was pleasantly surprised when the cushion came with a good working heater pad. I got the passengers side since the drivers side foam and the passengers side foam is identical. I figured that the passenger’s side would have the less wear than the drivers side. This isn’t a huge job but it requires some patience.

I next disconnected the wiring to the 850 seat from the seat heater circuit, the main power source, and the power seat controller. I did them in that order as removing each plug gave me a little more room to release the next plug. The power seat controller plug is a bit of a bear as its release tab is conveniently placed on the bottom of the connector. There is no way to see the release nor is there a real good way to feel it. I used straight blade screwdriver to pry up the release tab while simultaneously pulling on the plug.

MVS Forum Member billofdurham replied:

Good one, Lee. Very clear and easy to follow.

Fortunately my 850 seat (s) don’t have all the electrical bits underneath.


MVS Forum Member CarVolvo added:

if you need a passenger 850 seat foam lemme pay shipping otherwise i think you deserve something in return for this great write up… or gimme all the change you find under the passenger seat 😉

850 seat cushion foam replacement

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