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Volvo S70 / V70 front seats swap to 1984 Volvo 855

Volvo Seats S70 / V70A comprehensive how to on swapping early Volvo S70 / V70 Front Seats into an 1984 855 with great pictures.

There are many times Volvo classic car owners want to swap out their Volvo front seats for a better set of leather or cloth seats. You might have seats that are in poor condition due to being torn, ripped, stained or cracked. If you prefer not to buy seat covers, you can search for high end companies that sell new seat skins for leather seat. Yet these upholstery seat kits can get pretty pricey as a entire set of new skins can cost you a little of $2000. And when you spend that amount of money, professional install is recommended.

Often times you can find a set of seat on craigslist, marketplace, or your local salvage yards. A good set of salvage yard seats can be hard to come by.  If you want to expand your search options, you can try eBay auctions for Volvo seats but expect to pay for higher shipping fees due to weight. When trying to find replacement Volvo seats it is important to keep in mind if the rails and frames match, if the securing bolts are the different, and which heating elements (3w or 5w) your car seat is using.

To start the process of swapping out the seats you will need to consider the following:

  1. the heating element wires
  2. the seat belt brackets
  3. the SRS light system
  4. tripping the airbag system
  5. the height adjustment handles

You will want both a 12 millimeter socket and a 14 millimeter socket for the seat bolt and the seat belt bracket bolts.

This images in this step by step swapping of the early Volvo S70 / V70 Front Seats into the 1984 855 Volvo details the above mentioned items.

Volvo S70 / V70 front seat swap to 855

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I just bought a used 1999 C70 Volvo convertible, I’ve been told by my mechanic that the relay switch needs to be replaced (it controls power seats, roof, power windows, etc), so I already know that my seats do not work until I replace the switch. However, tonight my daughter was using the car, and when she pulled the driver backrest forward (to let someone out of the back seat), the entire seat slid forward all the way to the steering wheel and is now stuck there! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to release the seat and get it to back away from the steering wheel so that I can fit my body into the seat? HELP!!!

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