Why not a Chinese Water Pump on the 3.2?

Water Pump Genuine Volvo 31219000 -

“Do not touch any chinese pump brand…”

This is just a warning echoed more than once here at MVS Forums. Be careful what parts you buy for your Volvo. That doesn’t mean every little thing has to come from the dealer, but rather important parts should be carefully considered.

Volvo Wheels

Volvo Wheels

I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Found it. Here’s the invaluable Volvo Wheels PDF from Volvo themselves. https://images.matthewsvolvosite.com/wheels/Volvo-Wheel-Brochure.pdf Wheel Names, Alphabetized & Sizes Adaro (15”) Adrastea (16”) Amalthea (17”) Andromeda (16”) Antlia (15”) Aquarius (17”) Ares (16”) Argo (15”) Argon (15”) Ariane (15”) Arrakis (17”) Atlantis (18”) Caligo (16”) Canisto […]

XC90 Advice on Purchase Needed

This one has very low miles, but accordingly is a bit pricy for an ’04. It is 2.5T but doesn’t say if it is AWD–something we neither want or need in our climate, so FWD is the first criteria. We plan to look at it tomorrow morning just to see if the entrance/egress is good for our senior selves.

Volvo XC90: The Next Generation

Good to see Volvo is keeping up with the rest of auto manufacturers in reversing a 30-year automobile weight gain trend. Weight is half the MPG battle, and it’s difficult to pull off because car generations can be a decade or longer, and shedding weight without starting from a clean sheet is problematic. (The current XC90 generation is entering its 12th year of production!)

Best Year & Model XC90?

In addition to the information in the MVS Volvo Forums post (link below), I suggest browsing the Volvo Buyer’s Guide. It contains dozens of helpful do’s and don’ts for all used Volvos.

Removing Headliner

MVS Forum member Simon Templar asks how to remove the “roof module” and “bulb interior lighting” portions of the headliner without breaking it.  The full forum entry contains links to these portions in the service manual for a Volvo XC90. Volvo XC90 Headliner Removal

XC90 Rear Hub Replacement Tutorial

“Here is a tutorial I put together after having to replace the rear hubs on my 2006 XC90… after doing the first one. It was easy, and I didn’t see any other tutorial on it… so here’s my shot at it. If anyone has the torque ratings, I’ll add them in – I don’t have any manuals so had to guess.”

The Prancing Moose Story

Prancing Moose Stickers

The stickers are the result of a combination of Volvo’s marketing department and Volvo RWD enthusiast Dave Barton. Paraphrasing Dave: in 2003, to show the accident-avoiding reflexes of the new XC90, Volvo built the “Moose Avoidance Test.” It was their bit of closed track where the XC90 stunt driver would avoid a dummy moose.

XC90 Transfer Box & Rear Diff Fluid Change

Angle Gear Chain Drive Fluid: Volvo P/N: 1161745 [API GL-4 75W-80]
Bevel Gear Fluid (Front Angle Gear): Volvo P/N: 31259380 [API GL-5 75W-90]
Haldex Fluid (Contraption In Front of Rear Axle): [unsure on P/N]
Rear Differential (Rear Axle Housing): Volvo P/N: 1161620 [API GL-5 80W]

Angle Gear & Transfer Case Terminology, Explanation

Awd Volvo P2 Haldex

The angle gear units do not have gear parts available from Volvo as spare parts. The bearings and seals are serviced but not the actual gears. One of the gears is mounted to a spindle using a specialized adhesive and is pressed on. The press fit makes that spindle not usable to properly retain a new gear pressed onto it.