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Volvo V70 Straight Pipe Exhaust Mod

Ready for this Straight Pipe Exhaust Mod?

What a straight pipe exhaust modification looks like (plus the owner’s description of the sound and power increase). In addition to that, there are a few give-and-takes about general aftermarket exhaust noise and about aftermarket exhaust quality.


I have a 1998 V70 with a B5254S 168hp engine and 140K miles. Recently replaced the muffler, catalytic converter and all pipe with Bosal stuff, but put in by my local shop who did a crap job. It sounds loud and rumbles, and I am looking for quiet and smooth. I have had Midas check for leaks, and they found none. I have looked for leaks and found none. And the original shop looked and found no problems, even though they admitted it sounded louder than when they replaced it last Nov.
My car looks great and runs well, but could be better sounding. I think the aftermarket resonator that was put in is crap and is part of the problem. I would never buy another Bosal muffler, but this is after the fact. Your T5 is very nice, and any suggestions you have for me are appreciated.


The only ones that are very quiet is the OEM Volvo system.


Volvo V70 Straight Pipe Exhaust Mod

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my volvo v70 t5 has a straight through exhaust twin tail pipes and has covered 225k has a fsh and is still mint for age 1997 great car but now getting rattle from front down pipe ..can any one tell me what might be the cause as checked heat shield and cant see were its cumming from .

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