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Volvo Tie Rods DIY 2000 V40 1.9T

Volvo Tie Rods: MVS Forums member wildgoats2 goes off the rails with details on his V40 tie rod DIY tutorial, inner and outer. And saves $400 by doing the job himself:

I did my inner/outer tie rods on our 2000 v40 1.9t with 80k miles. They were most definitely the originals and taken a beating over the last few months. Passenger side were both bad, diver’s side just the outer was bad, with the inner in decent shape. Lamforder brand boots $10 ea. Uro outer tie rod ends $15 each. Uro inners $25 each. If you get Myle outer ends it does not come with the cotter pin whole, rather a locking nut.

After reading some online write ups about Volvo tie rods, i decided i could do it and save myself about $400. None of the write ups i read were for V40/S40 specifically. The V40/S40 have some challenges that could cost a home mechanic a whole lot time n money.
If there’s a good write up then just ignore this one.

2000 V40 inner tie rod replacement

Tools you’ll need:
Needle nose pliers
Metric Socket Set
3/8″ Socket Extensions
Torque wrench
Large Vice Grips
19mm wrench
Hook n Pick set
8″ long x 1/4″ wide zip tie
Inner Tie Rod remover tool number: 25296($20 autozone)
Wedge fork (optional)–only if your out tie rods are bad already.
Lug nut wrench
Car jack
Jack stands
PB blaster fluid
17mm castellated nut
small cotter pin

Always protect your hands, eyes and lungs. Safety first!

1. Jack the car part way and break lug nuts while tires still on the ground, but don’t loosen. Jack the car up the rest of the way and take lug nuts and wheel off. May need to kick the bottom of the tire to loosen wheel.
2. Put a jack stand under car and jack up the other side repeating the lug nut removal procedure. Put another jack stand on the other side. Shake the car a bit to make sure its secure. I like to use the jack stand as a secondary stand on the side I’m working on. Some of the cheap jack stands out there are not to be trusted.
3. With the wheel off, Spray a little PB blaster on tie rod jam nut and castellated nut on the tie rod end. Use 17mm ratchet to remove the outer tie rod castellated nut and cotter pin. If your outer tie rod rubber is torn, then you can wedge the fork and hammer the end under the tie rod pops out. If you’re not replacing the outer tie rod then take a hammer and hit the cast metal that holds it until it pops out.

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