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Removing the Transmission Solenoids on a S60 – Video

MVS Forums contributor oragex shows us a video he made of him removing the transmission solenoids on a S60.



Yes, I shoot the videos while working on it. The transmission pan shouldn’t be a hard job after working on suspension, brakes and similar.. even part-dropping the subframe was easy, it takes a 1/2″ ratchet with a 2ft extension bar but the bolts are no where near as stuck as in several other cars. The difficult part was the stuck pan bolts. It took me three days to get rid of two them because my rotary grinder was too weak. I think, the ‘splash’ shield cover that Volvo puts under the engine bay should have prevented the pan bolts to rust, unfortunately most people discard this large plastic piece when doing an oil change.

A few steps when removing the transmission solenoids (video)

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