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Volvo 850 Instrument Cluster Bulbs

MVS Contributor Neil:

The bulbs in the cluster have BLUE bases as opposed to the BLACK bases of the one on the link. They are both listed as different part numbers by Volvo, but both are 1.2W/12V bulbs. FCP has them listed under a different part number and when checked does not include 850 as using it, but when you look up 850 it gives it as an option. Price is cheaper than eEuroparts too assuming it is the same part.

Volvo has these under 3 different part #’s on Vida, but to me they look like the same part. Part #’s: 989000/989805/989806

989000 : shown as fitting the computer LED read out with MPG/etc…., but also used in the front overhead lights. Vida though also shows it in that part number as a push in bulb without the base? Who knows….!!!?? It also lists it as a push in bulb on a Yazaki warning bulb in that cluster.

989805: shown as fitting the warning lights

989806: shown as fitting in the LED readout for LED’s with Clock/temp only

Very confusing if the only difference in an 5/6 bulb is possibly only the base color!

A tip from a different MVS member:

I swap the blue and black all around, and only buy one type when I buy new ones.

And a tip from kippster41493:

Call your local auto parts store, they might have them in bulk and for cheap. The store I used to work at (advance auto parts) we had bulk headlights more for the local shops that had accounts set up with is but I remember specifically because I bought probably 10 bulbs for less than $15 (a friend had the same bulbs so I just bought a bunch for cheap so we had extras just incase.) I can’t remember specifically if we had mini bulbs in bulk, but it wouldn’t hurt to make a quick call and ask.

97 850 speedometer cluster warning light bulbs

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