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Volvo Crossbars – Will They Work with No Channel Strips?

volvo crossbars

Roof Rails Require Rubber Replacement

MVS member SonicAdventure has a problem. He found some nice Volvo crossbars, but will they work without the channel strips that help hold them to the roof?


Hello, I got lucky and found a set of OEM Volvo cross bars at the junk yard. However, the 3/4″ wide rubber strips that fit in the channel is missing on both of them.

If there a product out there that would be a good replacement? I was thinking of that 3/4″ self adhesive weather stripping stuff they sell at Home Depot, but I’d like something a little more durable.


The short bar is 37 with about 34 inches actually exposed, the long one is 39 with 36 inches exposed (about 1.5 inches no each end is hidden under the bracket that mounts the cross bar to the rail). If you do use them, you are even going to cover the cosmetic aspect. It comes down to devising a good method to cut it down to 3/4 inches.


Thanks for that info Erik

By the way, I managed to pull a 3″ long section of the OEM padding from one of the rails for closer inspection. It actually measures 20mm wide by 3mm thick. It is semi pliable with a little bit of give to it. It doesn’t appear to have been glued on at all, maybe it was a slight press fit and shrunk?

I think the stuff mentioned above from Grainger would work Ok, I think one way to cut it would be to sandwich in between two 1×4″, which a tiny nail or screw at each end placed at 10mm centers. Set up a band saw and rip the sandwich down to 20mm, taking care to keep the nail / screw / fastener away from the blade. Alternatively, perhaps it could be clamped to a workbench under a steel straight edge and “ripped” into 20mm strips with a utility knife, much like one would score a piece of Sheetrock?

VRD:Rubber strips for OEM Volvo roof rack crossbars

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