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Discussion on Volvo 850, 70 Roof Racks

volvo roof racks

What are our Forum members saying about volvo roof racks?

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MVS Forum Member bbolander asks:

We’re going to get a hard shell cartop carrier for our 2000 V70. It doesn’t have factory roof rails or racks. We’ve looked at the Volvo, Yakima and Thule products. It looks like all of the towers attach with clips to the top of the doors.

Has anyone had any experience with these carriers, either postitive or negative, on a similar Volvo?

MVS Forum Moderator matthew1 replied:

I’ve got Yakima Q towers, bars, and an expedition basket for my 850 (same as 70). They work ok, no complaints. They’re heavy and bulky, and they do take up a bit of space when not on the car, so putting them on/taking them off is a cycle best left for when you have a buddy and for when you need them. You wouldn’t take them off just to go to the grocery store, etc.

The Volvo ‘official’ brand of racks is Thule, and I have no idea if and what the advantage to that brand would be for a Volvo, but I wouldn’t be suprised if there was one. Call the dealer and ask why Thule would make more sense than Yakima.

MVS Forum member rainman added:

I own a 95 850 (they accept 850 and later V70 roof bars), to which I have recently fitted roof rails myself. I am assuming that there is no difference in the fitments between a uk spec 850 (mine) and a us spec, as the screwholes (for the roofrails) are pre-drilled at the factory. Don’t pay a dealer 2 hours labour to do it – get a neighbour to lend you their time and do it yourself. one thing I would recommend is looking at some roofrails on a friends V70/850, so that you can see how they should fit, and also so you can see where the plastic trim should be cut so that it just ‘goes underneath’ the front part of the roofrail
You’ll need a hacksaw (small blade) and a torx head screwdriver (I forget the exact size) to do the job.

Discussion on Volvo 850, 70 Roof Racks

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