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Volvo News! April 2018 Newsletter

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  1. Amazon, and New Volvos’ Trunks
  2. Stretch S90 as a Luxury, Rolling Planetarium? What?
  3. So the Four Ain’t an Eight After All
  4. V70 Dies… A Moment of Silence Please
  5. MVS Classifieds: Laser Blue V70 R (oh baby), S60 AWD
  6. Another V70 R… This One a Project Car
  7. QOTM1, QOTM2

Amazon Will Start Delivering Packages Straight to Your Parked Volvo

Volvo and Amazon have partnered to form a trunk delivery system to have your Amazon purchases find their way to your new Volvo’s trunk. This is not a joke.  The program will be active in 37 U.S. cities, as Amazon seeks new delivery methods for customers who may be wary of leaving packages outside or allowing couriers into their homes.

The in-car delivery scheme, available to Amazon Prime members, is an attempt by Amazon to overcome the hesitation that many feel about opening their home remotely for couriers.

S90 Imagined as a Rolls Royce and… Planetarium?

In China, where Volvo’s parent company (Geely) is located, chauffeurs are common. To North Americans or Western Europeans, this may seem like a strange concept, but the gigantic class of Chinese business executives crave the status of a chauffeur. Volvo has long offered stretch Volvos, and today offers a somewhat long-in-the-tooth S60 Inscription, which is a long-wheelbase S60 that surprisingly has been brought to North America for the 2018 model year. Anyway, back to S90 concepts: here’s an S90 planetarium.

The 2.0 Volvo 4-Cylinder May Not Be Enough After All. Shocking.

After cutting out all engines other than the Drive-E 4-cylinder units over a painfully torturous five years, Volvo may partner with Diamler to get Mercedes engines. You read that right. Among other uses (EVs), Polestar may want the grunt and prestige of a Mercedes 8-cylinder. In other words, the world hasn’t warmed to the idea of $100k cars with 4-cylinders powering them. Shocking. Geely, we told you, but you wouldn’t listen. This Diamler-Geely hookup will solve that problem, because Mercedes has 8-cylinder units that go over 500hp. (slow loading, be patient)

MVS Contributor’s V70 Dies in a Fire

benpineapple — Bought the car three and a half years ago, it replaced my 1990 240 (which I sold for about the same as I paid for my V70). I logged over 80,000 miles in that bad boy. Did SO much work on it over the years. Everything from pulling the engine to replace all seals, to PCV (twice), to timing belt, to adding fog lights, roof racks, and other mildly useful features. Will sorely miss camping out of the back of that car every summer. Ugh.


2000 V70 R Laser Blue , Philadelphia

Pulls hard, automatic true 5 speed auto Black Leather and Alacantara fabric insets on the seats. AWD but took rear drive shaft out due to noise and it was all quiet after. Comes with rear driveshaft . This car is fast you can feel it. It is way faster than my c70’s and my 98 v70R it was replacing.

2003 S60 2.5 T AWD, White w/Tan, Central Ohio

Timing belt and cam seals just completed at 184,435. Within the last three years has had both rear wheel bearings replaced, new spring seats, control arms, struts, IPD sway bars, lower torque mount, front tie rod ends with alignment. Cosmetically almost perfect on the exterior.

2000 V70R Not Engaging Any Gear

MVS Contributor bmdubya1198 — I just picked up a 2000 R project the other day, and I’m very excited to get it back on the road! There’s one big issue with the car… it won’t engage any gear.

When you move the shifter, the RPMs drop as you would expect, but the car doesn’t move at all. I know this is the troublesome AW55 in this car, and I know they are known for cooking solenoids. After reading, I’m pretty sure that is the problem since the transmission spontaneously stopped working. The PO told me he was dailying the car until one morning it just wouldn’t go into gear.


There are two Quotes of the Month this month because they’re both really good, and, well, I forgot to put in last month’s.

abscate — We are in the beautiful time of year when a weak battery magically works again, and lulls you into the confidence that it is fine, and you will get another year – only to whack you over the head next November with the text from SWMBO ‘my car won’t crank’ just as they close the door on the plane to the 12 hour flight to TLV…


 j-dawg — But it sounded like you were looking at this as an opportunity that had cropped up. There is never an opportunity. All car-related opportunities are traps. The best you can hope for is to own and enjoy a car for a while, then lose less than $1000 upon sale. The least I ever lost on an impulse-buy car was when I made $100… So true, so true.

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