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Amazing S60 R For Sale, Denver, $18k, 85k Miles

Check out this Amazing S60 R

UPDATE 2015/03/24: This sold a few months ago. It went for around $13k.

Amazing S60 R For Sale, Denver, $18k

This is just a slice of the car’s history. This car is unreal. I’ve seen it, sat in it.


  • I changed the oil at 1000 miles and have done since then every 2.5k miles. Full synthetic. Castrol Syntec, then Mobil 1 EP, then changed to Redline.
  • The coolant has been changed 4 times. blue Volvo brand.
  • Transmission fluid was flushed at 17K, 30K, 45K, 60K.
  • All other fluids, power steering, bevel gear, brake fluid, AOC and rear diff. changed at 30K and 60K. The AOC/Haldex filter was changed at 60k.
  • Front Brake Pads at 35k and Rear At 75K.
  • Replaced Front Struts At 55K. Used XC90 Mounts, Replaced front sway bar end links and installed XC90 axle bolts $2000
  • Windshield replaced with Factory Volvo Glass
  • New Volvo Windshield and headlamp wipers $80
  • Shell V-power Gas Run 100% of the time since new.

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