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May 2018 Volvo News , DIYs, Tragedies & Deals

Here is your May 2018 Volvo News , DIYs, Tragedies & Deals !

  1. Diesel Era Over at Volvo
  2. 2018 V90 T6 Reviewed
  3. Use Amazon to Test Drive a Volvo?
  4. V70 Dies… A Moment of Silence Please
  5. MVS Classifieds: Laser Blue V70 R (oh baby), S60 AWD
  6. Another V70 R… This One a Project Car
  7. QOTM1, QOTM2

Diesel is Done!

In Europe, if a big Volvo appears in your rearview mirror, you can be almost certain that it’s powered by a diesel engine… But their days are numbered.

Hey Wagon Lovers – 2018 V90 T6 Reviewed

To look at the V90 is to love it. Since you’re unlikely to see one in person unless you order it, we’re here to tell you it’s a stunner. Lithe and lean with a muscular shoulderline, the V90 has the proportions of a rear-driver despite its transverse engine.

UK Amazon Prime members can order a Volvo test-drive

Simply pick a date and a specialist will deliver the vehicle to your door for you to try out for 45 minutes, free of charge, on select weekends in June and July.

MVS Volvo Forums

Bad MPG Solved

You’ve got to do this anyway to avoid a rear main seal leak (expensive), and in Redbox’s case at least, there’s an enormous side benefit of vastly improved fuel economy.

Redbox » I wanted to update this in case anyone checks it out. As stated, plugs and O2 sensor made no change. Yesterday I rebuilt the PCV system after failing the glove test. Not completely blocked, but pretty messed up. Took it for a good test drive today. Mileage went from 22 (before repair) to 29.3 mpg. No AC on. Nice.

A Good Thing… Then Tragedy Struck

kallekula in August 2017 » Got a really sweet deal on a 2005 S40 recently.
Then, disaster.

Can You Lift a V70 XC?

If you can love it, you can lift it.

BULLOGNA » The answer is yes you can the rear was lifted via some adjustable spacers I got 2 1/4 inches lift in the rear and 1 3/4 lift in the in the front.. It needs a tweak here and there..

MVS Moderators Win

We/you/us raised $710 for the MVS Moderators on the Spring Moderator Donation effort. Thanks to all who donated. The MVS Moderators are generous. Generous because they give time, which is our most precious resource.

Photo of the Month

“Photo of the Month” didn’t exist until just now. Here’s the first.

Poll of the Month

How many miles are you on your Volvo(s)?

Lots of new photos of Volvos…

XC90 Gen 1
More on the way!


I could drive my S70 to the west coast and back without hesitation. I would hesitate with my S40…. Just sayin’

Oh trust me I tried getting it apart even used a 5 ton chain comelong between 2 F250 pickups while heating and beating it with a BFH… No Go.

Unless you’re a complete nitwit you don’t design a machine that goes into to doomsday mode due to the loss of a hidden internal part that gives no evidence of failing until the day it goes.

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May 2018 Volvo News , DIYs, Tragedies & Deals

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