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MVS Newsletter May 2017

Enjoy the MVS Newsletter May 2017

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Volvo News – May 2017


1. Polestar lap record!
2. A DIY written just for you?
3. Network on MVS
4. Fast, inexpensive daily driver
5. What breaks? See the polls
6. MVS improvements
7. Your car on MVS Facebook page
8. Why won’t this Volvo sell?!
9. K&N Wars: dodging the Particulates of Death
10. QOTM
11. It’s AC time – stay cool
12. We want feedback


1. Polestar News: Volvo Set A Nürburgring Record Lap last year and didn’t tell anyone(!)

2. What DIYs would you like? The fine gentlemen at want to write a DIY for you.

3. MVS Member Networking Zone – Looking for work? Or do you need to fill a position? Any industry is ok. It doesn’t have to be cars. Post in the MVS Member Networking Zone and expand your contacts. Post your LinkedIn profile URL if you’d like. Let’s connect!

4. Very cool daily driver: add 1 part 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon, 1 part elbow grease, and 2 parts inexpensive go-fast parts. Result: a very fast wagon that is cheap to run, cheap to fuel, and cheap to insure. And it’s easy on the eyes.

5. What breaks? The 5-year-old failed parts poll for P2 Volvos continues to amass votes… over 3000 now. Failed parts poll for P80 Volvos … over 5800 votes.

6. MVS improvements – New free Volvo VIN lookup – Does this VIN make my car look fat? Find out!

7. We want to put YOUR Volvo on the MVS Facebook page.

8. Why won’t this car sell?! The agony of selling a very nice Volvo in a buyer’s market.

9. K&N air filters – is there more power there? Does it come with greater engine wear? Is a K&N worth pulling out your hair? Do particulates in the engine give you a scare?

10. QOTM – “For a grand or less, you want to look for the absence of blowing up and the absence of catching on fire while you’re test driving it.” 1999 S70 Price

11. Stay cool, dude. It’s AC time in the Northern Hemisphere – start here or browse the Volvo Climate Control VRD section. Also: Ever weigh your refrigerant? Here’s how.

12. How would you make MVS better? Let me know.

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