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Volvo News

Volvo Announces Polestar 2

Good quick overview of Volvo… er… Polestar’s second vehicle, and how it competes with the Tesla Model 3. Here’s the MVS rundown of Polestar 2 vs. Model 3.

Volvo Goes Full “Big Brother” With Interior Cameras To Monitor You

“Volvo Cars to deploy in-car cameras and intervention against intoxication, distraction.” There are good ways to help prevent drunk and dristracted driving, but this isn’t one of them, in our opinion.

Volvo To Limit Its Cars To 112 Mph In 2020

Volvo Cars will limit the top speed on all its cars to 112 kph starting with model year 2020. “The company’s Vision 2020, which aims for no one to be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020, is one of the most ambitious safety visions in the automotive industry.”

Here’s a Fantastic Overview and Specifics of Volvo’s Vision 2020 Plan

… and for context fitting the above two news items into the broader Volvo safety picture, we ask Is it really possible to have no deaths or serious injuries across an entire brand of cars? Because that’s what Volvo is aiming for.

2020 Volvo XC90 Gets a New Hybrid System, Facelift

As the first of the SPA platform , the oldest of the new Volvo generation of cars and SUVs gets a mild update. “These new hybrids use regenerative braking for what the company calls its ‘mild hybrids’… [the] 2020 XC90 will go on sale in the United States this fall, with order books open now; pricing has yet to be released”

Volvo Cars introduces Care Key as standard on all cars for safe car sharing

The Care Key [?] will come as standard on all Volvo cars starting with model year 2021. It lets parents set max speed limits on a particular key, most likely for teen drivers.

Volvo, Bmw Invest In Child-Care Ride-Sharing Startup Zum

“Think of it as Uber or Lyft, but made specifically for your kids to get home from soccer practice.”

North Korea Still Owes $393,000,000 For Volvos It Bought In 1974

“When we ran a story a while back about the cars of North Korea, one photo in particular caught my eye. In that photo was a green 1974 Volvo 144, which made me wonder if it was part of those 1000 legendary stolen Volvos I’d heard rumors about. It was, because those rumors are true.” I’ve read the trade as low as 100 cars and as many as 1000, like the Jalopnik story above.

Volvo DIYs, Goings-On, Discussion, and Advice

Bent intake valves - 2001 Volvo V70

Kallekula’s Wagon Relapse wagon has bent intake valves… all of them. And, of course, zero compression.


Precopster’s 2001 T5 automatic Mistral Green Pearl, Volvo paint code 449

Pretty 2001 V70 T5 in Mistral Green Pearl


“But ya know… 300hp out of a 3500lb wagon is probably more than enough to smoke any old ricer with a fart can exhaust in a street race.” Mountainman45 — in Turbo swap?

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