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The Volvo XC40, Viral Video, and Future Moms

Volvo Cars North Miami wanted to make a television ad for the new Volvo XC40. Ok, nothing out of the ordinary here, except for perhaps the sheer quality of the finished product. And that it’s gone viral. Or rather, the “making of” video of the ad is going viral. The ad we can’t find.  😮 😳 🙄 You know it’s 2018 when you can find the making of, but not the ad itself.

Generally, Car Dealer Ads Are…

Often unintentionally funny, car dealer TV ads have been a staple on American TV for decades. When I think of car dealer ads, I think of low quality kitsch like this:

This XC40 Ad Was Different

First, this ad is very well done. I’ve worked in video production and for an ad agency, and this effort cost the dealer quite a bit of money to produce. We Believers ad agency created this piece for Volvo of North Miami, featuring pregnant women, to promote  Volvo’s new XC40 during the President’s’Day Weekend Sale:

Kinda fun, right? We Believers, on the project:

Volvo of North Miami asked us to produce online videos featuring pregnant women to promote the new Volvo XC40 during the President’s’ Day Weekend Sale. So, knowing that the challenge was to drive people to the dealership, we decided to organize the casting… in a different way than the usual. Instead of calling future moms to the typical casting facilities, we asked them to go to the Volvo dealership. THE UNDERCOVER SALE CASTING is an idea that generates traffic and exposes our potential customers to Volvo’s safety features. Even before we produce the campaign. And because the casting footage was used for the campaign, we saved money on the final production… and we hired them all. —

As Forbes summarized:

  • The pregnant moms invited to the casting call likely had an incredible experience, one that they are sure to share with their local friends.
  • Having the pregnant moms memorize the lines for the “video” was insurance that when they did share their experience with their friends they had product points top-of-mind.
  • Not to mention these pregnant moms were likely being sold, themselves, on the safety of Volvo, being in the dealership full of metal and memorizing those copy points, I mean script.
  • The idea is a purely local idea. I doubt Volvo would ever do this nationwide because of the logistical nightmare it would present. But it’s doable on a local level, down to a single dealership.
  • The “casting calls” footage was great. The little extras the pregnant moms threw in off-the-cuff made the film less acted and more authentic. My personal favorite was the “air bags” comment, where the future mom indicated she was turning into an airbag. Ha!

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