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Volvo Radio Code Request

Readers please note the Volvo radio code request and other resources work only for cars in the US, and cars with the original radio.

Volvo radios have a theft-proof system that freezes the radio if the battery is disconnected. It was designed to prevent theft of the radio (or at least it’s usability to the perpetrator!). The downside is your radio will be locked if you disconnect the battery or the battery dies.

When you restore power, it will read ‘CODE‘ on the display. It’s asking you to enter the four-digit code that is specific to your Volvo. Like many Volvo owners, you might not find that code so easily. Is it in the manual? On a business card? If you can’t find the code, here’s some tips.

Check all the paperwork that came with your Volvo. Go through the manual and any service books and look for a hand-written four-digit code. You want find it printed in any manuals — it will always be added. Look for business cards and small pieces of paper tucked into the manuals and the pockets of the manual covers. 

If you had my Volvo, all you’d have to do is look at the side sticker on my driver’s door with all the specs. It’s removed now and safely tucked away, but it did come in handy when I saw the dreaded ‘CODE’ display for the first time. 

Once you find your Volvo radio code, store it here for free!


Volvo Radio Code

Volvo’s Radio Code Request page is here.

Volvo Radio Code Request Form — discussion in the forum

MVS Contributor osman »

If you call the 1-800 Volvo corporate number listed in the owners manual or online they will be happy to give you your radio code for free in a matter of minutes. Sure beats dealing with my local stealershio which is an hour away and wants to charge $10 per code. At least they are not as bad as Audi who wants to charge $25 and a dealer service visit.

We offer plenty of information on Volvo radio codes and solutions below:


Need help for a code please.

Hi. If anyone could help me, please. Looking for a code
Volvo radio 353771-1
Serial VO1610 X9141466H

Thanks in advance

Updated the article with the correct link. Thanks Ryan!

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