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Volvo Recirculation Vent Motor

volvo recirculation motor

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The Volvo recirculation HVAC Blower Motor is responsible for circulating climate controlled air within the cabin of the vehicle. A centrifugal fan attached to an electric motor via a drive shaft spins and moves air through the system. If you notice the climate control is not adequately blowing air through the vents this may be an indication of a blower motor issue.

MVS Forum Member johnna asks:

Today I started the v40 1.9td and reversed. I selected 1st and looked to drive off. There was a big tick tick tick tick sound coming from the central console (to the left of the radio). This stopped when I pressed the volvo recirculation air button. When I released it the ticking started again after 15 seconds or so. This ticking started on the key turn, but did not speed up with the engine. Later in the day, the ticking stopped, but when I got home, I noticed my passenger (left hand) headlights were out. So were the daytime running side lights.
I reckon a relay has died today, the ticking was death throws and then it died and the lights failed.
According to my Haynes comic (petrol cars only), there should be one relay for both headlights- surely both lights should be out?
Anyone else had this?

MVS Forum Member storci adds:

Ticking you hear is the recirc vent motor. The valfe that looks like a trap door is located above the ventilation fan. If you remove the cover under the pasenger glowbox you will gain acces to the fan. (this is also the locaton of the ventilation filter). you culd see the volvo recirculation trap door if you would unscrew the 3 screws that hold the fan and pull the fan out. The motor that turns this is located on the front of the fan housing (on the outside). There is very litle place in there since it is located right behind of the dash board (the wall behind the glove compartment). I’m still trying to figure out how to get to it. I dont know if this is normal, but my dashboard is riveted in and I just cant take it off.
If anyone knows how to take it off, please tell me.

How to Fix The Recirc. Vent Motor Tick

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