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Installing Volvo 850 Cabin Air Filter

Cabin Air Filter — Also Called The Pollen Filter

All modern Volvos are equipped to handle a cabin air filter, but very few came with it installed from the factory. This will show you how to add a 850 Cabin Air Filter in just a few minutes, and potentially save your AC evaporator & blower from further destruction from the elements, and quite a bit of money in the long run.

file - Installing Volvo 850 Cabin Air Filter

Well, I’ve recently got into the maintenance thing (in addition to changing oil) so things have gotten quite dusty over the years. Now when I’m working in an area I try to clean that area well while I have things apart. My engine area is looking better and better each week.

In terms of the cabin air filter, I’ve heard many of these were installed after the evaporator needed to be replaced. I have two 1997 850’s that did not have them. Not sure adding it now will save my evaporator but at least I’ll have carbon filtered air.

This is probably one the the easiest fixes that may save a lot of money (or your time) down the road.

Installing 850 Cabin Air Filter

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