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First Generation 70’s Armrest on 850

volvo armrest

Lets talk about the 850 armrest

In an automotive context, an armrest (or arm rest) is a feature found in many modern vehicles on which occupants can rest their arms. Armrests are also found on chairs in general. Armrests are more prolific in larger, more expensive models of car. In the front of the car, a central armrest, which commonly folds away based on user preference, will also often include a storage compartment and sometimes even cup holders. Some also provide the location for controls for non-essential functions of the vehicle, such as climate control or window motors.

MVS Forum Member luketrash asks:

I’m curious if this will fit in my 850? I currently have the crappy plastic lid with no cupholders.

I test drove a 98 V70 GLT last week and it had an armrest that looked similar to this one and it was excellent. It was thick enough to reach my elbow naturally and comfortably..

If anyone knows if this C70 one would fit, let me know.. Not that I can do much about it if it doesn’t fit 😉

MVS Forum Member akitawagon replied:

It looks like the armrests on my 850s except my cupholders have the full cup rings, not just rounded arms. From a ’93 C70? (no such animal)

I don’t know how the armrest lids without cupholders are shaped and hinged, but I guess you can always work with what you have to get the “new” one on.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan added:

The cup holder/top of arm rest from your auction is the exact same one that is in my S70. I’m trying to recall exactly what an 850 arm rest looks like. I think it will fit…at least for your sake, I hope it does. If not, offer it up for sale here in the for sale section. Someone will be wanting it.

First Generation 70’s Armrest on 850

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