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Vacuum Hose Routing for ’94 850 Turbo

volvo vacuum hose

How-to route the vac hose for a 94 850 turbo.

A car with a bad vacuum hose line will often have a rough and/or “lopey” idle. A lopey idle is uneven–the car’s engine speed will fluctuate up and down as the engine computer struggles to find an equilibrium. Upon acceleration, the car will lack power and respond slowly to throttle input. You will also notice a decrease in fuel mileage because the engine computer will be adding extra fuel to the cycle in order to avoid lean detonation. If your car’s motor is displaying these symptoms, a bad vacuum line may be to blame.

A bad car vacuum line can cause some pretty serious runability issues with virtually any car motor. That is because the sophisticated fuel injection systems that modern cars use to meter fuel rely on vacuum to help the engine computer determine the precise engine condition. The computer then uses that information to decide how to calibrate the pulse and pressure of the fuel injectors.

MVS Forum Member oceanman says:

here’s the vac hose routing diagram for the 1994 850 turbo.
it is the sticker under the hood on the passenger’s side.
there is one on the web site that is from a 1998 s70t.
this one is a little different.
hope this helps out some.

MVS Forum Member jofinneg adds:

Hi All,
I’m reviving this old topic due to my inability to figure out the blue vacuum line. On the vacuum diagram, the blue is labeled ‘to fresh air hose’.
Where is the fresh air hose?
I accidentally deleted my pictures from the teardown and I’m stuck on these vacuum lines.

MVS Forum Member tailor says:

Have a look at this post viewtopic.php?f=1&t=20229

The blue vacuum hose connects to the concertina hose, underneath the bend, at the top after the MAF.

Look at the pictures for further clarification.

Vacuum Hose Routing for ’94 850 Turbo


johan venter says:

volvo 850 t5 1995 sorry to rehash vacuum ? blue vacuum hose goes to fresh air connection but where does red hose connect to?

Eddie Urias says:

Where do I reconnect the main vacumm hose for 1997 Volvo 960 headlight wiper blades?

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