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What’s Causing Your 850 Stall?

850 Stall Problem?

850 stalling poll results

There’s a good thread going on in the Volvo forum right now discussing 850 stalling. The great thing about it is that it contains a poll, and we’re getting some real-world reporting about what sources are causing stalling. If you haven’t voted on it and have an 850, please take a moment to vote.

If you haven’t registered for the forum, please register. As always, it’s free. After registration, feel free to start your own poll about anything Volvo-related you choose.

Ok, here I am, 3 days and $150 later, and the volvo dealership has finally gotten around to “diagnosing” the 850 stalling issue. According to the “experts” the reason the car is stalling, witout question, is due to a

BAD REAR OXYGEN SENSOR. Now, i once again turn to you for your input. I’ve read (on a few forums) that the rear O2 sensor doesnt affect air/fuel mixture, which if it is the case, wouldnt be stalling the car and basically means im getting hosed by the dealer for a part($280) and estimated labor($100). Does this seem like it would/could be the culprit?? please help, considering the $150 for diagnosis, this “possible” fix could cost me more than $500! I’ll be doing research on fcp and others to find best price and ill probably attempt to do this myself first. once again, any input would be greatly appreciated.


What Caused Your Stalling? POLL

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Definitely a great thread/poll. those with a first year (’98) x70 should also post as these are essentially the same car as an 850 when it comes to its mechanics.

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