XC90 T6 Transmission Lawsuit

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Owners past and present of model year 2003, 2004, and 2005 Volvo XC90 T6 vehicles equipped with a General Motors transmission may see money this October. Almost two years ago a law firm filed a class-action suit against Volvo.

According to that link,

The final approval hearing will take place on October 4, 2012 in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

Here at MVS we’ve been railing against buying a XC90 T6 for a good long while, and we continue to shout warnings about the GM transmission in the T6 model from every rooftop we can.

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  1. My Volvo dealer diagnosed an issue with grease and gear fluids getting into the transmission from a poorly designed axle pin, which has worn in my 2004 Volvo XC 90. This is a well-documented design flaw that most surely is causing transmissions problems for me and many other Volvo owners. Volvo needs to issue a recall and take care of this issue. This is a major problem that Volvo needs to address in providing good customer service for Volvo AWD owners.

  2. Do you know if their is a class action suit in Canada for the XC90 T6 – Transmission. My trany just went over the weekend and I have had enough. Please let me know! thanks, Frank

  3. The transmission on my XC90 T6 is gone and the repair will be $7K on a car that’s worth $5K. This is pathetic. I paid >$44K for this car brand new and took excellent care of it. Volvo will agreed to pay 50% of the part cost, but the total repair is still $5,500 – and what else will go wrong with it in the meantime?

    I will NEVER purchase another Volvo product again. My sister had the same car and couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Do not purchase a Volvo product – it is the worst vehicle I have ever owned!

  4. We too have had no end of trouble with our Volvo Auto transmission which continues today with the auto (most times) refusing to kick into fourth gear as you accelerate about past 60km/h. Can anyone please let us know if there is a similar class action available in Australia?

  5. I too have 2008 xc90 with transmission problems spent $1100 found fuel pressure faults, misfire code,replaced worn spark plugs which weren’t replaced at 75,000 miles check and now at 147,000 miles, engine flush, oil change and replaced fuel pressure sensor. Next day same problem high rpms no acelleration engine check lite comes on and car stops in traffic. Would like to know about recall/class action.

  6. i have a 2003 xc90 volvo AWD and i just got it,the first week i was trying to drive it it wont move well in gear one and just revv up then jumps into gear two,am really sad considering the fact that my wife warned me about buying it now the family is left without a car,pls what can i do to have it fixed.i live in lagos nigeria.

  7. Please Please help me….My transmission has to be replaced and the cost is over $7000.00. I have called Volo but they stated because my volvo has over 130,000 miles. they are not going to be able to assist on the repairs. Does anyone has any answers for me. DESPARATE!!!!

  8. I have a Volvo xc90 made in 2004. Cost to fix my gearbox was over $7000. The repair people stated a oil filter must have blocked causing the gear box to fail? When I read this it makes me think? Townsville Australia. Happy to talk about this.


  9. Please help me …I have a 2004 t6 volvo xc90 , My transmission needs to be replace the cost is 7500.00, I call volvo,volvo stated because my car has 159,000 miles they are not going to help me , Does anyone have any answers, please let me know Thank you.

  10. I have a 2004 Volvo XC90, in 2008 I had to have the transmission replaced and in 2011 again the transmission was replaced. I just found out yesterday that the transmission is leaking, called Volvo and am seeing what they are going to do for me since this should not be happening. This vehicle has been a nightmare. My vehicle only has $76,600 miles and has had 3 transmissions – something is truly wrong here. If you know of anyone that can help me, please advise.

  11. Select the link at the top of this forum. See “class-action-suit-against-Volvo. This will answer most of your questions. The link goes directly to the attorneys who filed the lawsuit.

  12. I am also very disappointed with my Volvo XC 90 T6 2004 model. In the last two years I spent more than $10,000 in repairs/maintenance. Now I have also to change the transmission (automatic gearbox)and it will cost around $7,000.

  13. Can someone tell me if they are recalling this car??? I have the same problem my transmission ? I have 128,311 miles on it do you think Volvo will help me.

  14. worst car ive ever owned $8000.00 in repairs now fuel pump bad again little over two years after factory recall to replace fuel pump. $1300.00 to replace out of warranty . what a piece of crap. 2003 xc90 t6 awd have also spent $3200.00 on transmission rebuild . in warranty to replace fuel pump 1.4 hrs to inspect and .90 to replace . out of warranty 6.3 to replace fuel pump an left side sender can you say getting screwed . from jack scoville Volvo Corvallis or. So very disapointed

  15. Transmission failure on xc90 2005. I really wish I had read these blogs before I purchased my car in August 2013. Is there a link to the outcome of the lawsuit? Is it valid in the UK.
    Gutted as I trusted Volvo above other makes of vehicle. safe yes reliable not the diesels in my experience. 2nd one I have bought V70 before kept on going into limp mode. Nobody could fix it cost me a fortune to try. Why is it a garage can replace a part and even though it doesn’t fix it they still can charge you. Happened 3 times. So bought a XC90 thinking always wanted one so why not.
    6 months in and a list of reasons why not.

  16. I have 2005 Volvo XC 90, it has 140,000 mile. t has so much issue, head gasket, water pump,engine heating up, stalling, etc.

    I purchased this 2005 XC 90 one in 2012 July.
    But After so much problem, with the this used one, we decided and purchased a brand new 2014 XC 90!
    Did they ever paid out for the class action law suit?
    Thank you.

  17. Hi Guys,
    I have just being reading through everyone’s post on here.
    I live in Ireland and I’m in the process of buying a XC90 Volvo over the coming week…. It’s a 2005 model with 90,000 km’s… Please advise me if I should still buy it especially after reading everyone’s post on the problems with this particular MODEL?? I have 5 Kids and they saw the car I’m buying and fell in love with it especially with the built in tv’s and playstation!!!!!!!!!!! But not gonna buy something that’s more trouble than its worth!!!!!!!
    thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!

  18. hi we bought a Volvo xc90 2005 model awd from a norwegen diplomat posted to newdelhi he sold us the car we trusted him he said the car was in excellent cond.we were unable to check out the car as we were in Indonesia at the time.well the car is sliping the first and second gears its ok when cold but after 15-20 kilometers then it starts also the power steering oil is leakingthey have not the capacity to repair these here new transmission over 10000euro here new power steering unit over 2000euro this car has done 110000kilometers any ideas .peter

  19. I too have a problem with my 2004 volvo xc90 t6, i just purchase the car on Dec.15.2014, and today (04.22.2014) the transmission broke down on me… to rebuilt it will cost me 6k or if i get a new one wil be 9k… i got the car for 9k, is redicules to pay these much for a transmission… please someone help me… email me to “[email protected]

  20. Re XC90, good god, it appears that we all bought the wrong car.We are in spain, I have never received a recall letter.Our car is 2004 model, so it is quite old but we have had nothing but trouble and cost. We have just last week replaced the gear box, cost 4,500€. We have had a reapair to the power steering costing 850€, we have had a new clutch I think it was, at 23,000km, the car just stoppped in the middle of a very busy junction in Zarragoza, that cost 1,500€.
    I guess we should have sold it ages ago.
    Is there any possibility of any compensation from Volvo in Spain, would it be possible to get in touch with other Volvo owners here, we close to Barcelona?

  21. Bought an XC90 T6 AWD with 89K for 8,000.
    Transmission fail at 93K.
    $5500 estimate for transmission replacement with a 1 year/12000 mi warranty

    Fuck volvo and their shitty cars

  22. ’03 T6 owner. Tranny went out suddenly. no symptoms. drove fine for the 4 months I had it. any info on the suit for someone having it 13 years after manufacture year?

    1. If anyone has ANY info on the suit. HA HA
      please post it. Will never buy another volvo In the Harrisburg Pa area I found a Trans shop that will rebuild for 2k and a 3yr or 36k/ war.
      Funny story: setting in a resturant a man came running in and said to the wattress “quick where is your restroom i have to take a volvo”
      GET IT

  23. Purchased a 2005 xc90 T6 second hand for $18,000 just over 12 months ago. It is now currently in the transmission workshop as it needs a new one. The cost to fix is approx $11,000. I can’t believe there is so many stories like it. And apparantly my warranty won’t cover it.

  24. I’ve owned a 04 xc90 for 1 week and I regret it very much.
    First there were 2 occasions we were told the lights on the car were flashing. The car was not running, in fact both times the car had been off and in park for hours.

    Then I was driving and the car shut off. I lost power steering and all the warning lights flashed. The check engine light included. It gave me a transmission urgent warning but it didn’t stay there. I pulled the car over, put it in park and restarted it. It started fine; I put it in drive and started on my way. I made it no where before I heard a kind of winding up sound….I looked at the dash and the RPM’s were soaring but the car was not. I think this is what’s called “limp mode”. I pulled over again put it in park, shut it off and restarted on my journey. This happened twice and finally I pulled over and called my husband. It took him about 30 minutes to get to me, I say this in case cooling time matters. He drove it less than a mile and we parked it. Hours later he went to get it and was able to drive it about 1-2 miles home, which did include an impressive hill. We haven’t driven it since.

    I feel like if it was the Transmission fully gone it wouldn’t work even for a minute. It almost seems electrical or something. But when I search online I’ve learned the tranny’s go out often. Volvo needs to do a recall and replace these faulty transmissions.

    Has anyone else had these same issues? If so, what was the repair? It almost seems sensor related?

  25. My 2005 xc90 t6 has 1st gear 3rd gear and reverse. I took to 3 motor mechanics. All would not touch the gearbox because he could not guarantee the job .I am now faced with selling the car for parts. It has travelled only135000 kms.I would like to know if the class action law suit extends to Western Australia. Dont get me wrong i loved that car. Can someone help me. I am prepared tohave the gearbox rebuilt.Its the only problem i have occurred in 11 years

  26. I should have read this site first before I decided to buy..I Bought a Volvo XC90 T6 Last week drove home fine of course only live 2 miles away. The next day a battery light comes on then a loud pinging sound from the engine thinking it was a lifters going bad. Took serpentine belt off and re start the engine pinging sound gone. Hmm battery going bad and pinging sound ?.Those symptoms telling me that my alternator going bad.Replace alternator and the noise are gone. She runs perfect, no warning message on the dashboard so I use it to pick up my kids from school. On our way home the cars rpm suddenly went crazy with the car slowing down..What the heck?..Seems like I just lost my transmission…Sure enough. When the car is cold the tranny work and when it’s hot it slipped in gears..I suspect the torque converter or solenoid going out but won’t be able to say for sure until I drop the tranny…Any one know what happens with the lawsuit?..

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