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Buying an XC90: I6 or V8 engine?

Buying an XC90? What engine should you choose? I6 OR V8 ENGINE?

Are you buying a Volvo XC90? There’s an engine choice you’ll need to make: the I6 OR V8 engine?

Volvo XC90 Sport from February 2008
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In the United States we have a choice of engines in our new XC90s… XC90 V8 (starts at $48k) or inline-6, 3.2 liter (starts at $38k). This forum topic takes a look at the difference between the two powerplants and the many variables that come into play, most importantly power vs. economy and insurance premiums difference.

The Decision – I6 OR V8 ENGINE?

We are buying our first Volvo and it will be an 2011 XC90. I am undecided weither to get the std 6 cyl or upgrade to the v8. All I read suggests the 6 is underpowered but the dealer says all he sells is the 6 cyl. I was hoping to get some input from XC90 owners on the feelings about this topic and what engine they have.

Buy the XC90 V8

I have an ’08 V8, and drove both the 6 and 8 before ordering. It now has ~33K miles. It has NEVER – so far – been back to the dealer. Best vehicle I’ve ever owned.

Buy the XC90 T6

I’m a volvo salesman, and me personally i’d say if cost is an issue go with the 6 cyl, cheaper, better gas mileage, 235hp…I mean the v8 does offer massive power, but thats all high end power..meaning you’d have to rev well above 4500rpm to really FEEL the difference in the two.

We Love our XC90 T5 (though not available new any longer)

I currently live in the mountains of Utah and have the 5 Cyl. I have taken it to Denver, Tahoe, Moab, etc… Always fully loaded with people, stuff, and sometimes a rocketbox. I have never known it to be underpowered, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. My wife and I just had a similar conversation and decided that the only reason we would buy an 8-cyl would be if we bought a camper trailer or something like that. I can’t see spending the extra $7K to go from 240 to 311 HP.

Buying an XC90: T6 or V8?


The discussion here is not about a T6, it’s about a 3.2. The T6 was a twin-turbocharged inline 6 good for about 270hp sold from 2003-2006. The 3.2 is a naturally aspirated V-6 rated around 240hp and sold from 2007–2014.

traudesa, you’re absolutely correct. Article specifics have been fixed. Thanks!

I have an 06 V8, 82000 on it. 19 MPG (with 98 octane) is average. Highway 22-23 MPG at under 70MPH. If this is not an issue, Yamaha made V8 311HP is a pure fun. Strong and massive power. Engine does not mind high RPM. I LOVE it.

John Mouring says:

took car in for service now my mpg on dash board is not working right . could it be not putting cap on gas tank? what do u think to good be.

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