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1998 Volvo V70 Instrument Cluster Removal/Bulb Change

Tutorial: change Volvo V70, S70, XC70 dash and Instrument Cluster bulbs

cn90 writes: 

1. Copy FM radio channels, then disconnect Battery Ground Cable (10-mm socket). This is to prevent an SRS Code later. You must do this step of d/c battery cable! – Driver seat all the way back. – Steering Wheel DOWN and OUT all the way.

2. Use a flat blade screwdriver wrapped with a rag to prevent damage to trim work, pry the BOTTOM of the vents (see pic of the vents with clips) to remove them to expose the Torx-25 screws. The dash speaker cover: pry the part close to you first.

3. Remove the eleven (11) Torx-25 Screws as shown in Pic #1:

4. The Glove box is held by six (6) screws. Once the Glove box is removed, you will see the three (3) 10-mm bolts holding the Air Bag Unit (which is part of the dash trim).
– Disconnect Air Bag Electrical Connector: note how it fits in the groove for re-installation.
– Now the dash trim slides out nicely, set it in a safe place to prevent damage.
– If you have the “recall” stud as mentioned above, remove it.

5. The Instrument Cluster is held by 2 clips (make a note how it fits together for ease of re-installation). Lift the REAR of the clip to remove it.

Now disconnect all connectors using a SMALL flat blade screwdriver.


“Great writeup, but to me, the trickiest part of this whole process for the first-time disassembler is disconnecting the airbag harness, and all it gets in the instructions is “Disconnect Air Bag Electrical Connector”. Of course, once you know how the two halves of the harness disconnect, no problem, but it’s not obvious at first. The person doing this for the first time might do what I did and end up removing the orange end-cap of the airbag assembly in an attempt to disconnect the wiring from it. Perhaps a little more of a description and a photo of the two halves of the harness separated? Other than that, smooth sailing. Thanks again.”

DIY: 1998 Volvo V70 Instrument Cluster Removal/Bulb Change

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