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1998 Volvo V70 Instrument Cluster Removal/Bulb Change

  • The bulbs that illuminate the Fuel Gauge, Temp Gauge, Speedometer and Tachometer are Bulb “194”. But best is to use Volvo PN 942571 or Osram-Sylvania 194. Dealer usually charges 1-2h labor just to replace this stupid bulb.
  • It was Sunday and I was stuck, so I bought the Eiko Brand Bulb “194” from Oreilly (made in Taiwan), and it turned out Eiko brand is a bit brighter than the rest, a bit annoying. So the lesson is buy Volvo bulb to get the same wattage (3W or so).
    Later I found out Menards Hardware sells the Osram-Sylvania 194 pair for $1.70!
  • To change the bulbs in the Instrument Cluster, the procedure calls for dash trim removal, which is a pain, however, once you have done it and familiar with it, a dash trim removal should not take more than 30 minutes.
  • You might be able to remove some of the bulbs FROM BELOW by removing the knee trim under the steering wheel (one single Torx-25 Screw). It is a bit acrobatic but with some skills, you can replace some bulbs from BELOW. Some other bulbs are hidden and impossible to replace from BELOW. A Flashlight will help a lot when you lay on your back looking upward!
    Only the bulb behind the fuel gauge and temp gauge can be replaced from below (without removing the dash trim!).
  • For my 1998 V70, the Air Bag Ground Strap was recalled in 1999 (1 year after I bought the car; bought car in 1998) because of “poor grounding”.
Tutorial: change Volvo V70, S70, XC70 dash and Instrument Cluster bulbs
cn90 »

So the Volvo dealer used an M6 stud and sandwich the strap for better grounding. This stud makes removal of the Dash Trim very difficult because it blocks the dash trim from coming out. So for future ease of removal of dash trim, get rid of the stud, and instead use M6 x 1.0 x 16 mm bolt and sandwich it with a nut as shown: basically bolt, then strap, then nut then tighten it.

Also if you have this “recall” stud, use a vice-grip to grab it and remove it, the dash will come out nicely.

– Read this nice Dash write-up: … l-writeup/

1. Copy FM radio channels, then disconnect Battery Ground Cable (10-mm socket). This is to prevent an SRS Code later.
You must do this step of d/c battery cable!
– Driver seat all the way back.
– Steering Wheel DOWN and OUT all the way.

2. Use a flat blade screwdriver wrapped with a rag to prevent damage to trim work, pry the BOTTOM of the vents (see pic of the vents with clips) to remove them to expose the Torx-25 screws.
The dash speaker cover: pry the part close to you first.

3. Remove the eleven (11) Torx-25 Screws as shown in Pic #1:

4. The Glove box is held by six (6) screws. Once the Glove box is removed, you will see the three (3) 10-mm bolts holding the Air Bag Unit (which is part of the dash trim).
– Disconnect Air Bag Electrical Connector: note how it fits in the groove for re-installation.
– Now the dash trim slides out nicely, set it in a safe place to prevent damage.


– If you have the “recall” stud as mentioned above, remove it.


5. The Instrument Cluster is held by 2 clips (make a note how it fits together for ease of re-installation). Lift the REAR of the clip to remove it.

Now disconnect all connectors using a SMALL flat blade screwdriver.

6. Remove the Instrument Cluster by lifting it up a bit then slide it sideway.


7. In the REAR of the Instrument Cluster, there are essentially 2 types of bulbs:
 Volvo PN 942571 (Bulb 194; 3W); qty =4.
 Volvo 977709 (1.2W) Bulb is essentially similar to Volvo PN 966326 (1.2W) Bulb & socket (Trip Computer).


– To replace the 3W bulb, simple untwist it, then remove the bare bulb from the base, then insert a new bulb: straightforward.
– Volvo 977709 (1.2W) Bulb is one tiny unit (bulb + holder), so replace the whole thing, it is cheap ($1.00 each).

Another PN is 989806


1. During re-installation, do NOT forget to re-connect the Air Bag Electrical Connector!

2. To avoid trouble to having to take things apart again, once the NEW bulb has been replaced: install ONLY Dash Trim, Air Bag Ground Strap, Battery Ground, and Cluster Connections, then STOP!
– Then using a cardboard or garbage bag to darken the Instrument Cluster and stick your head inside to test the light bulb to be sure it works fine and has the same intensity as the rest.

3. If the light bulb is OK, then re-install the rest of trim work. If not, re-inspect the bulb.

That is all, removing the dash trim may seem complicated but in reality, it is simple work.
The level of difficulty is ONLY 2/10 if you read this DIY!

Great writeup, but to me, the trickiest part of this whole process for the first-time disassembler is disconnecting the airbag harness, and all it gets in the instructions is “Disconnect Air Bag Electrical Connector”. Of course, once you know how the two halves of the harness disconnect, no problem, but it’s not obvious at first. The person doing this for the first time might do what I did and end up removing the orange end-cap of the airbag assembly in an attempt to disconnect the wiring from it. Perhaps a little more of a description and a photo of the two halves of the harness separated? Other than that, smooth sailing. Thanks again


DIY: 1998 Volvo V70 Instrument Cluster Removal/Bulb Change

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