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Rear main seal change/clutch removal 850 Manual

Let’s talk clutch removal

This is a DIY tutorial covering removing the transmission and replacing the clutch on a Volvo 850 manual transmission.

For starters, I put the front of the car on stands, doesnt have to be really high. Just make sure you can loosen the rear subframe supports, you have to put the stands behind them, I put some wood between as well.

Put the steering wheel UP and towards the engine.

Remove everything thats on top of the gearbox; battery and shelf, airfilter and wires, both electrical and gear-change-wires (?)

EDIT: Disconnect clutch cylinder from gearbox but DO NOT disconnect the hydraulic line!

You need something to support the engine from above and to lower it on the left side, but I guess you should be able to do this very carefully with a jack?

Volvo 850 clutchRear main seal change/clutch removal 850 Manual

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i picked up a problem after dring 500km i stoped and switched off my car after a hour got back stepped on clutch pedal to select 1st gear clutch pedal went down but did not come up again.what could be the problem?clutch and pressure plate?thrust bearing?or a oil seal from master cylinder?
any assistance would be appreciated as i am in south africa and the specialists here wants to rip me a new one

how do i,replace the slave cylinder hose on a 1994 volvo 850?

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