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1998 V70XC Door Check Repair w/ photos

Shortly after I got my V70 last summer the driver side front door check failed. It had been repaired before, but the work didn’t last. It took me a little while, but last weekend all stars were aligned just right, and I went to work.

Thanks to this site, I had great infos on how to take the door panel off, and also on how to take the door itself off on just the pins (this was super easy!)

MVS logo - fist holding a wrench

850 Turbo Timing Belt, Water Pump Replacement Marathon

Most of our time was spent on getting the timing marks to line up. We kept getting one tooth off and had to reset the tensioner three times. You can do that fairly quickly if you turn the vise a few degrees till you get resistance, wait a moment, turn again, repeat until it’s back in. I suppose some sort of hydraulic goo is in there that needs to squish back in through a baffle or something.