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2005 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD AC Compressor Bypass Belt

S60 2.5T AWD AC Compressor

New MVS member Brought Upright explains how to get your S60 back on the road if you have a seized AC compressor and don’t want to mess with it for now.

How to bypass the AC compressor with a shorter belt, with part numbers.

If you’re stuck with a seized AC compressor & want to bypass it with a shorter belt a $26 Bando SPK1300 belt or equivalent gets you back on the road in a few minutes. No need to remove your seized or noisy, about-to-seize AC clutch/compressor or waste time & $ on a Compressor Bypass Pulley so this is a good belt to keep as a spare for an emergency.

This 20mm/13/16″ wide x 1300mm/51.18″ long, single-sided, 6 rib, micro-groove belt who’s flat back runs up over the idler/tensioner pulley. To install, position the power steering fluid reservoir back out of the way, get the belt in the grooves of the crankshaft & alternator pulleys & over the idler pulley (a 2-3′ stick/rod helps) then rotate/stretch belt onto the power steering pulley. (Because the tensioner pulley no longer supplies tension with this belt routing, the tension now comes from the belt’s perfect length & flexibility.)

You’ll need to rotate the belt on with wrench or strong hands (counter clockwise worked best for my right-handedness…careful not to break the plastic ps steering pulley if also prying to help rotate).

This worked for me at 70 degrees Fahrenheit but expanding the belt in hot water (or with body heat) might be needed to install in cold weather.

Not sure which other models this belt will fit but it sure works well on a 2005 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD.

*BANDO 6PK1300 interchanges with:



GATES K060512

GOODYEAR 4060512

NAPA 25-060512

NAPA 6PK1300

VRD: 2005 Volvo S60 2.5T AWD AC Compressor Bypass Belt

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