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AC Mildew Smell – How to Eliminate It

oragex posts a video detailing how to get rid of AC mildew smell in Volvos. This particular Volvo in the video is a P2 Volvo, but the concept applies to all models.

MVS member aewoodhouse:

Cranked up the A/C for the first time on my recently purchased V70XC and, although it works well, the smell coming from it nearly defies description. Its something along the lines of rancid lollipop crossed with mold. Of course there are several AC cleaning products at the Auto Zone but I have found that they all have utterly obnoxious – and for me intolerable – “fresh” scents.

Can anyone recommend an unscented way to tackle this? I have found unscented foaming AC coil cleaners for home AC’s but they require rinsing. Can’t find anything for the car so far. I’ve seen many recommend spraying Lysol directly into the air intake but that has too much fragrance. Unfortunately I’m one of those people – most fragrances make me climb the walls.

oragex, MVS Contributor:

This is what I did [video, above], don’t forget to remove any cabin air filter and place back the cover (without the filter inside) before doing this

I used maybe 1/10 bleach/water mixture. The cabin vapors may get on the seats, better have them covered. You can also spray into the cabin air intake with the recirculating button ON.

Main thing, you don’t want to use A/C at all during the cold season, that’s when the mold grows on the evaporator.

VRD: Non Scented A/C cleaning method?

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