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850 140k Major Maintenance Tutorial

Check out this 850 140k Major Maintenance Tutorial

850 140k Major Maintenance

A detailed description of changing the timing belt, tensioner, rollers, and the water pump replacement DIY tutorial — with pictures:

I bought my “Platinum” Volvo 850 showing 136k on the broken odometer with the last timing belt at 68k so I just went to the nearest parts store and bought a “stay alive” belt and changed it out. Lately the car has made a horrible groan, the colder it is the more it groans for the first 2 or 3 minutes after I started it. I yanked the serpentine belt off and the groan persisted so I was certain that the problem was with a bearing in the timing system.

My rule of thumb is that I should change the entire timing belt system and the water pump on every other timing belt change (140k, 280k – if I ever get there 420k).

Today was the first major service for the Platinum at 149k miles (after my “stay alive” belt change).

The way I went about mine was as follows:

1: Block the rear wheels and set the parking brake…

850 140k Major Maintenance

cutting the timing belt

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850 140k Major Maintenance

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