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Boost Gauge Mounted in Headliner DIY

The end result is a nice-looking, nice-functioning boost gauge that dims with the rest of my 1997 850’s instrument gauges. Because it’s mounted up high it’s unobtrusive, and far less likely to be seen by street racers, cops or thieves. It’s there when I need to know boost, and invisible to me all other times. It’s slightly nearer to my field of vision than any of the other mounting positions I tried, so my eyes are on the road more.

MVS logo - fist holding a wrench

S80 1st gen. Trans Fluid & Filter Change How-To

The kit comes with a new rubber pan gasket. Use it if your car has a non-reusable gasket on it (like cork). If you have the rigid reusable gasket that has ridges along it’s length and around the bolt holes, use that one and discard the rubber gasket. The ring in the photo is a replacement gasket for the suction tube that goes up into the transmission. You can pry the old one out and press the new one in, or reuse the old one. I just reused the old one.

Volvo 850 EGR Cleaning Tutorial

The big issue was smoke coming up through the oil dipstick tube despite a PCV replacement a couple of years ago by the previous owner. He didn’t know what an EGR was so I suspected it was totally clogged up. Below you’ll find pictures and an somewhat of an explanation of what I did and what you will need to do if you’re in the same predicament. Unfortunately my dipstick tube still smokes (not as much but still does) so I’ll have to tackle the PCV some day soon.