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Antenna Down Switch

Trying to make an Antenna Down Switch?

“I worked as a technician at a Volvo dealership for 5 years. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why Volvo omitted a switch for the antenna on 850 models when it seemed that every other model from those years came with them. I even noticed that ’97 and ’98 960 and S90s had them and the switches looked identical to the dash switches on the 850. Turns out they do fit and there is something that can be done! After using this site multiple times for my benifit, I feel I should give something back. What follows is the procedure I used to put a stock (Or at least appears that way) Antenna Down Switch in my ’96 854 Turbo for about $20 dollars.”

850 Antenna Switch Modification

Once every thing is in place, hook up the switch and check that the bulb lights up. Mine didn’t. Turns out those bulbs don’t survive well out there in the junkyard. Thankfully though I stole a few extra ones and tried a few of those. Of the 4 I ripped off, only one worked. But it did light up with the rest of the switches and looks great. At this point, put everything back together and bask in the glory of a job well done. Your 850 now has the Antenna Down Switch that was standard on some Volvos around that time, but not yours. You have improved upon a minor shortcoming in the design of you vehicle and done so in a “stock” way for about $20 dollars and a few hours of time. No more dreading the car wash. Cheers!


Stock Antenna Down Switch on 850?

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Robin Visser says:

Last week I obtained an antenna switch. Unfortunately the connecting cable is missing. Do you have one for sale ?
Cheers, Robin

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