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850, V70 and S70 Shock Change Checklist

850 and V70 / S70 Rear Shocks

Interested in 850, V70 and s70 shock change checklists? See what our forum members are saying.

What to buy? MVS Forums member Nitin asks some questions about the fairly common Volvo DIY procedure of shock replacement and struts. He gets some answers from the helpful regulars here at MVS.

1) Do I need to upgrade front & rear suspension simultaneously?
2) Do I need to change wheel bearings also ? (Car has 97000 miles)
3) How important it is to change springs?
4) Other that Shock & Springs in rear what else should I change
5) I am looking for good comfortable ride (70% comfort, 30% handling), Which shocks/springs will provide *Best value for money* .
6) If I call mobile, independent mechanics how much time It will take them to do suspension change?
7) Would you like to recommend some internet site which offers good price?

MVS Forum Member pfeener replied:

1. No, front and rear can be done separately.
2. No, wheel bearing are generally changed only when they fail.
3. Springs are fine, unless you’re looking for a performance or appearance upgrade
4. No springs in rear, just shocks and upper shock mounts
5. Probably the OEMs. I personally don’t like the Bilstein TCs, but others have had good luck with them. I have them on the rears of my car and they are noisy as hell.
6. Front and rears should take around 3 hours.
7. or for OEM parts

You will also need spring seats in the front. Check the ball joints, control arm bushings, tie rod ends and sway bar end links while you’re in there.

MVS Forum Member l33tDad added:

Also, since you’re tearing into front-end suspension rebuild, for the money, you might as well do the front strut mounts (~$100 a pair). That way you KNOW that you won’t have to worry about them in the future. I always go to FCP for parts. They’re fast, great to talk with if you need to call them and their prices are fantastic…

850 and V/S70 Shock Change Checklist

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