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850 T5 blue puff of smoke

M238 Volvo 850 T5 Northern Constabulary Code 3 3878964359 -
1:43 Doorkey (a very well done Code 3)
The car was a wee bit dilapidated when it was given to me, so it benefited from a new lightbar (Hongwell)
credit: Dave Conner from Inverness, Scotland / CC BY (

Did you see a blue puff of smoke?

I just wanted to post the update since the PCV replacement. Today was the first nice day on which I could actually see whether the oil smoke comes out of the exhaust. I drove pretty aggressively to test the symptom, but there was no sign of “puff” at all. So I’m assuming that PCV replacement cured the problem.

Before I went ahead with PCV replacement, I actually went to talk to my regular Volvo mechanic (let’s just call him Crazy B). I always thought he’s good and cheap, a difficult combo to come by. He, by hearing the description of what was going on flat out told me it’s either a worn turbo bearing or the valve seal, said that it’s not worth spending money on to repair. After my day’s work replacing the PCV, I must say that he fell of from the grace as far as I’m concerned.

850 T5 blue puff of smoke

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Had blue smoke every morning for two weeks out of my volvo nearing 5,000 miles on an offbrand oil change, changed the oil and never saw the smoke again. Sometimes its just the obvious…

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