Proper Boost Measurements

Warm Idle: 18 inches of mercury vacuum.
Cold Idle: 16 inches of mercury vacuum.
WOT (Wide Open Throttle) 2,000 RPM: ~5 PSI boost.
WOT 3,000 RPM: ~15 PSI boost.
75mph @ 3,000 RPM: ~10 inches of mercury vacuum.
Between Shifts: 0 (atmospheric) due to the bypass valve venting manifold pressure to keep the turbo spooled.

How To Buy A Volvo 240 Turbo

$1,000 for a 240 Turbo sounds good as long as it is in good condition, maybe not perfect but solid, straight, and sound. Volvo did not have a DL Turbo, the car will either be a DL which is their lower level model…

High boost cutoff switch

volvo power

if you continue to run your engine with higher than designed turbo boost, be prepared to replace either the engine, transmission, other parts of the drive train or all of the above within a couple years…

How to Diagnose Stalling Problems

MVS forum member NateR documents a recent experience he had while commuting. He talks about his 89 Volvo 740 Turbo having issues with sudden drops in rpm. The car never actually stalled but came close. How can we come together to diagnose stalling problems with our Volvos? Chime in to add to this great discussion.