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High boost cutoff switch

boost cutoff

High boost cutoff switch

Have you recently increased the boost on your volvo? Wondering where the boost cutoff switch is located? Have a look in the forum to find some clarification and remember, If you continue to run your engine with higher than designed turbo boost, be prepared to replace either the engine, transmission, other parts of the drive train or all of the above within a couple years…

MVS Forum Member Fordiesel69 asks:

On my 83 240turbo, I hooked up my home made boost controller and when the guage gets into the orange the car cuts off, how do I disable this?

MVS Forum Member Volvord replied:

Boost pressure controls a wastegate located on the underside of the turbo, when pressure reaches a set point the wastegate will open allowing the exhaust to bypass the turbine which limits boost. The rod that connects the pressure diaphram to the wastegate can be adjusted to change maximum boost. Don’t increase boost too much or engine failure will result

MVS Forum Member Fordiesel69 adds:

What I am talking about is that I have increased the boost so it is far more than factory, but now the engine shuts down and the turbo light comes on. My dealer said there is a sensor that if boost is excessive it will cut off the fuel or spark.

Where is the high boost cutoff switch?

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