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Craigslist Volvo Ad – When Something’s Not Quite… Right

Craigslist Volvo Ad

Craigslist Volvo Scam

Here’s an example of a ad that ain’t quite right. I’m waiting for a call back as I type to confirm it. I don’t want to text because if it’s what I think it is, my phone number will be forever on robo-texting scam lists.

Anyway, the points in the image are probably self-explanatory, but I’ll go over them:

  • Odd words in the title — red flag.
  • Crazy low price — without the mileage it’s hard to say if this is a low price or crazy low price. Whatever the case, if you’re a scammer, might as well attract the widest audience, yes?
  • Where does this guy live? I mean c’mon, the streets are nameless.
  • No mileage — not an unheard of legitimate mistake, but a red flag none-the-less.
  • Incorrect information about the Volvo… it’s an inline-6, not a V-6. Like mileage, not a big problem, but when they add up…
  • Those photos are from Volvo literature. Way too good for a regular guy selling his car.

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