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Volvo V70 R Manuals are Scarce

Looking For Volvo V70 R Manuals?

If you have one, hang onto it, or if you need to sell, get every penny’s worth. If you’re looking to buy one, expect to pay for it. Volvo V70 RWe’re talking model years 2004 through 2007 Volvo V70Volvo’s P2 family — but you can apply this phenomenon to the previous generation 1998-2000 also. Those were known as the P80 line.

(Please note: this is anecdotal evidence of thin V70 R manual transmission inventory out there. MVS did not conduct an exhaustive study on current R availability.)

Anyone Seen a Volvo V70 R Manuals for sale?

Bonus! More About The Volvo V70R

As the replacement for the popular 850 T-5R and 850 R, the V70 Rwas unveiled in May 1997. Similar to the previous generation R models it featured a unique leather/Alcantara interior with diamond stitching on the seats. Further styling touches were a special front bumper, blue gauge faces for the instrument cluster, two special colours and special alloy wheels. All US cars were equipped with 16 inch alloy wheels, other markets had 17 inch wheels available at extra cost or as standard equipment. Standard equipment was substantially upgraded over normal models with a few options available such as a trunk mounted CD-changerm, Volvo’s self developed Road and Traffic Information (RTI) navigation system, or an upgraded stereo system.

Intended to be the high-performance version of the model range, all R models were fitted with the highest performance engines of the line up, and were available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive with either an automatic or manual transmission. A redesigned suspension with lower ride height and firmer shocks was standard. Three different versions were produced, depending on the model year.

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jacques n says:
seller darnold002
don’t know how good it is. I ordered one for my C30 (2nd hand delivery in 2 weeks, can’t sleep @ night)

jacques, belgium

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