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Does my Volvo have Motronic 4.4?

Motronic 4.4 was first available in US model 850s in 1996.

1996 turbo: All are 4.3
1996 NA: some are 4.3, some are 4.4
1997 turbo: some are 4.3, some are 4.4
1997 NA: some are 4.3, most are 4.4
1998 turbo and NA: all are 4.4

For any Volvo 850, the easy way to figure it out is to check the VIN:

Does my Volvo have Motronic 4.4?

I know we like our Volvo cars and all, but what should we think of a corporation that tries to strong arm people into getting all their oil changes at the dealer? If Volvo corporate is capable of designing, manufacturing and marketing a car with such a feature; perhaps we should be afraid of what else they have been or ARE capable of doing. At least they only did it for a few years. Perhaps their conscience got the better of them? lol

rmmagow wrote:Yeah, that was it. Pretty scarce now.
I found this at a Chinese site and was asking about volume pricing, say 50 units. Not too good, I was hoping for something like 3 to 5 bucks. The lamp is only lit for like two minutes anyway. Never actually bothered me much but then it usually has the Check Engine Light to keep it company anyway.

Vol-Fcr can be found on e-bay or amazon for around 30$.With Vol-fcr,you are getting the whole package.Reset service light,read & clear engine,abs,power seats,instrument cluster,transmission,immobiliser 1 & 2 codes,ac…etc.

Engine codes can be read & cleared ONLY if you have Motronic 4.4 engine menagement.For U.S market that would be from ’98-’99 n/a models.For european market….Motronic 4.4 started from ’97 850-‘late 98 s,v70.

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