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New ETM Dead out of Box

ETM Dead

MVS Contributor precopster ran into a frustrating problem: a bad Magneti Marelli ETM… a new ETM dead out of the box.

As if Volvo owners didn’t have enough trouble with 1999-2002 Volvos with failing/failed electronic throttle modules, now we have an example of a brand new ETM failing… right out of the box!

See the MatthewsVolvoSite ETM forum for all kinds of bad ETM diagnosing, symptoms and fixes.

Just when I thought I had seen all of the different and varied faults on ETMs I get this one to program. A brand new 8644344 for a non turbo P2 S60 or V70.

Built in week 3 of 2014 and as shiny as the day it rolled off the production line.

Usually a new ETM can be checked in the Software-Advanced tab before programming takes place. It can’t be programmed because it can’t be seen by Vida and never will be.

It’s contact sensors and body can be re-used but the circuit board will be thrown away.

ETM Dead

It would have been nice of Magnetti Marelli to weld the block terminal together in January of 2014. Also they neglegted to use heat conductive paste for the circuit board. Second photo shows the 2 surfaces clean as a whistle. Guess they had more important things to do on that day :mrgreen: A little solder, some conductive paste and some TLC and off she goes.

ETM Dead

Then MVS member kukushka1939:

Thank you for your advice and time,

It seems i have the same problem. I removed the putty and the terminals were connected together, but 5 of the 6 were holding on just by thought, a slight nudge and they all broke loose, all except one. I guess this is how yours was as well?

What kind of method did you use to re-connect them, just normal soldering?
Can i inspect the back of the PCB assembly for the missing conductive paste without removing anything else, like the sides like in your picture?
Is hot-glue a good option to fill the terminal once it is fixed?

New ETM Dead out of Box

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