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Volvo 850 EGR Cleaning Tutorial

Let’s get to this Volvo 850 EGR Cleaning!

850 EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Cleaning w/ Pictures.

The big issue was smoke coming up through the oil dipstick tube despite a PCV replacement a couple of years ago by the previous owner. He didn’t know what an EGR was so I suspected it was totally clogged up. Below you’ll find pictures and an somewhat of an explanation of what I did and what you will need to do if you’re in the same predicament. Unfortunately my dipstick tube still smokes (not as much but still does) so I’ll have to tackle the PCV some day soon.

Throttle body and EGR Temp Sensor
Throttle body and EGR Temp Sensor

Volvo 850 EGR Cleaning

coedwards wrote: 

“I just finished a complete PCV replacement… the car was due and I had smoke from the crankcase on idle. While I had the manifold removed, I cleaned it out well, along with the throttle body, the positive temp coefficient nipple, the ports that feed the oil trap, and just about anything else I could access with brushes, rags, and carb cleaner. Surprisingly, everything went well with the exception of me forgetting to reconnect the electrics to the throttle body. Now, I no longer have any smoke whatsoever from the crankcase at idle.


Following the instructions on this page, I should have been able to see and clean out the EGR manifold hole. I simply cannot find any such hole in the manifold of my car. I do, however, have two holes into the manifold (arrows in my picture) about 90 degrees (clockwise when facing the opening to the manifold) from the EGR hole shown in your picture. I cleaned them out well, though they were really just barely dirty. Should I be looking elsewhere for the EGR and the EGR manifold hole?

Thanks in advance… this forum is an enormous help”

EGR Cleaning

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