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Challenge: Electric Window Problems on a Volvo 2000 C70

If you have electric window challenges, you might find this post informative.

AlisN1dlan writes: 

2000 C70 (have no idea what a “trim level” is) 58K miles.

Very shortly after the warranty expired my driver’s side window refused to come up in the middle of an icestorm. I’m an hour away from the nearest Volvo dealership and my son had his street rod in my garage so I took it to a local repair place that advertised they “worked on all models”.

After a VERY short look-see, they came out and told me I needed a “window regulator” and that since it was a part only available from Volvo, the price for the part alone would be $880. The total bill came to over $1,000 but I really had little choice.

After they “fixed” the window, it began leaking terribly. They tried twice to fix it but couldn’t – and since the car was hesitating like crazy by now – kind of like it had water in the gas tank or was running out of gas – I took it down to Volvo. This was, I think, in February or March of this year.

Volvo did some kind of work on the throttle, which was covered on a recall and they said they fixed the leak. That night it rained like crazy and I had -no exaggeration – two inches of water on the drivers side floor. The wells in the drivers door were all overflowing and the master window button panel was just soaked. I brought it back and Volvo FINALLY fixed the leak once and for all . . . but now I have two windows that have failed: front and rear on the passenger side. AND the car just started hesitating like it used to – only worse: it really is almost undrivable.

I found the articles on this site about repairing / replacing the window SWITCHES. There are references to some way to work the window manually with a screw driver and how to tell if the problem IS the switch or if you need a new motor: but I can’t find those directions – just references to them.

Is it possible I have had THREE motor failures? or more likely that the water damage has ruined the switches?

The Nov. 2006 recall: what is that for? (The links no longer work) Is it possible that recall might fix the hesitation I described?

Sorry for being so long-winded and I appreciate all advice.
P.S. I really do need some guidance here: I’m considering trading the car because of all these problems and I really don’t want to do that.

Electric Window Problems 2000 C70


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