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Install a Volvo Keyless Entry

Ready To Install Keyless Entry?

“I recently bought a remote Start/Alarm/Keyless Entry unit.
Not caring much about the first two, I intend to only wire it for the keyless feature and hope it’ll save me aggravation when below freezing.
This car has Central Locking system and is controlled by a switch on the dashboard.
It’s where I intend to connect my two wires carrying the Lock and Unlock pulses coming from the unit.
That will considerably simplify my work, I think.
But how do I get to those contacts behind it? Can that switch be pulled straight out, as in some other cars?
Also, once this car is already equipped with Central Locking system, would have relays?
I’m asking this because the unit requires two relays and which are not included. Do I really need to procure them?”

If you have not already bought the system just cruise eBay for a few weeks and you can buy the entire OEM remote system that is plug and play.

I think I paid $35.00 for the one I bought for my son along with a remote and it came with door locks, a key, and the ignition switch which I was able to send for free – along with the ignition switch lock and key to help out a guy that was trying to fix a car up for his mother.

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Install Keyless Entry

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francis cruz says:

how can i set the alarm lock for the volvo s60 2002 model. when i press the lock button, the lights wont come on. only on unlock. what should i do to set it

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