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Fix Rattling Tailgate

rattling tailgate

The sound of a rattling tailgate coming from your vehicle is enough to drive one insane. More often than not, we just get used to the noise and carry on with our lives. Only when we have others in the vehicle with us do we start to feel the embarrassment associated with a poorly kept car/truck. This can all be prevented if you take some time to get to know your vehicle and ask for some guidance in finding that pesky rattle.

MVS Forums user hethr68 asked:

My 850 wagon tailgate trim rattles – I’m trying to disassemble the trim without breaking any of the plastic clips. How do you get the upper brake light piece off without breaking it? Is it just one little cover, or do you take the whole plastic peice off (the one that runs lengthwise across the tailgate width)?

MVS Forum User JMHO wrote:

Nice site! I just discovered this place and am impressed with the info here!

My experience with the eEuro kit is it’s got all the parts you need but it doesn’t solve the installation difficulties. Those little plastic tabs are a devil to get in place and then secure into the mounts without tearing them apart. They do include inserts to repair the holes where the plastic tabs attach to the hatch, but again this doesn’t help align the tabs with the mounts.

The Velcro idea sounds good, but the adhesive is the key to attaching the pieces. I’ve used 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive for a few things, but it’s hard to clean up after you’re done.

Also had the repair done by a “professional” auto body repair shop after the back window was blown out by a hot dogger in the HS parking lot, but they drilled screws into the trim and sheet metal to hold it into place. (They did such a crappy job, this didn’t work!) They also missed the loose hinge mount and the broken glass left in the tailgate. (So much for quality control.)

I think the Velcro idea would work with the right adhesive.

Fix Rattling Tailgate

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