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How to Check Codes on ’93-’95

volvo diagnostic codes

How to get your codes that the car’s computer sets, and that trigger Check Engine light and sometimes other lights as well.

Fuel Codes

Locate the diagnostic unit behind left strut tower and remove its cover.(see image) Connect selector cable to socket #2,which tests the fuel code. Turn the ignition switch to the ON position(engine not running). Enter the diagnostic mode by pressing the push button on the diagnostic unit for at least 1 second, but not more than 3 seconds. The red LED light will start to flash,count the number of flashes in 3 flash intervals. The flashes will be seperated by 3 second intervals. If no codes are stored,the LED will flash 1-1-1,which means the fuel system is operating correctly.

Ignition Codes

To access the ignition code,follow the above procedure,but with the selector cable connected to the #6 socket on the diagnostic unit.
NOTE:Turbocharged models may have seperate codes for the turbo system and are accessse by hooking the selector cable to the #5 socket.

Clearing Trouble Codes

Once all faults have been corrected,turn the ignition switch to the ON position(engine not running).Recheck the code,then depress the button for 5 seconds and release.After 3 seconds, the LED should light up.While the LED is lit,depress the button again for 5 seconds,when the button is released,the LED should go out.

How to Check Codes on ’93-’95

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I’m trying to find out how to access/read codes on my ’95 850 NA. I have a CEL on.

Appreciate any help!

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