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Fuel Pump Adventure, 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo

Let’s take an adventure with the 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo

MVS Forums user lummert writes “I have had a fun adventure with the fuel pumps on my ’88 Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon. First I had problems with no fuel pressure when the temperature has in the 90F range and the humidity was rather low. The main in-line pump quit and I installed a good used OE style main pump. The pump worked good until it got hot again with low humidity.”

What happened to lummert and his wagon? Find out…

My fuel pump adventure with my 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo Wagon

Bonus! More about the Volvo 760

Known as the “Brick”, the Volvo 760 was designed in the seventies and eighties without a hint of a curved line anywhere. The 760 Series was Volvo’s entry into the upscale luxury market in the early 1980s, and featured squarish front and rear ends connected by a greenhouse with a flat roof and an almost vertical backlight. It’s as if some mysterious alien force swept down from the sky one day and made off with every French curve drafting tool in Sweden. The 760s remained in production for eight years and were so reliable, comfortable, and quick that, even today, many remain beloved by their owners.


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