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Installation Photos of Repaired Fuel Tank – 1994 850T

The photos are nestled in the What Did You Do To Your Volvo Today? topic and show BlackBart’s job of installing his 850 wagon’s fuel tank. Read about his repaired fuel tank fix. He had it out to fix a longtime problem on 850 cars and the subject of a recall:

Fuel Tank Recall 850 -
NTHSA recall notice, issued July 2004

MVS Contributor BlackBart » I installed the repaired fuel tank – not too heavy but a lot of jiggling and wiggling around to get everything aligned right. Then got that rubber boot through the body shell and attached. Replaced a cracked vent hose. Ready to fill up.

IMG_4481 copy.JPG
IMG_4483 copy.JPG

Re-remembered how all the rear floor bits bolt back together, and the original unused third seat!

IMG_4496 copy.JPG

Managed to get that fourth vac line snaked through and connected – turbo housing to EGR valve. Did the other three turbo control lines a while ago and forgot this one – or avoided facing it. But not so bad really. Good light and a long needle nose pliers, and move some turbo hoses out of the way. (Note: The little squeeze clamps that come with the ipd silicone hoses will be too loose – use the old ones from your old rubber hoses)

IMG_4486 copy.JPG
IMG_4491 copy.JPG

Came out intact…..but with cracks at the bends. Was it from me yanking on it with a pliers, or already cracked?…hmm. I had an “EGR Flow Too Low” code for forever, could this be it? I’ve tested EGR, cleaned it, checked the intake port etc etc. We’ll see if this solves it.

IMG_4487 copy.JPG
IMG_4490 copy.JPG

Volvo 850 – Fuel Tank Installation Photos

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