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Given Up on your Headlight Wipers Yet?

Those pesky Headlight Wipers! For those with headlight wipers, have you given up on them? Register for the Volvo Forum, then vote!


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HOW TO DELETE Headlight Wipers — Volvo 850

There’s a nut on the arms, easy. I pulled out all the washer fluid line from where it T’s off near the ECU box under the hood. Screwed a small, short general purpose screw in the vacant hole. Out front, the motors and masts are still there, the masts poking through without arms. Hardly noticeable. I saw some “blanks” sold somewhere for when you take the motors out and don’t want the holes showing.

There's a nut on the arms, easy
Remove the nut

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Here in Arizona the headlight wipers are just not needed, the heat kills them and they sick to the glass lens.They were working when I purchased the car a year ago (114000miles) on the odometer but were in poor condition so I removed the arms and left the motors in so when I sell I will just replace the arms, in snow country they would be needed.


One of mine just quit recently. I plan on fixing it because I’m like that and used ones with lifetime replacement guarantees aren’t that expensive. How hard is the replacement on an 850?


I’m in the snowbelt of Western New York.

My 2001 S60 with 154K miles has seen a dozen brutal Buffalo winters and these still work terrific. I replaced the arm on one because I broke it cleaning it. I lube them and change the blades and keep an eye on them. I’m very happy with them and wish my 2007 had these instead of the pop-up sprayer (which admittedly looks more high tech).


DID You Know? Volvo Facts

  • Volvo was founded in a Stockholm restaurant by the name of Sturehof on 25 July 1924, by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larsson. But where does the name Volvo originate from?  “Volvere” is the infinitive form of the verb “roll” in Latin. In its first person singular form, the verb “volvere” becomes “volvo,” i.e. “I roll.”
  • The Volvo logo of a shield and a spear is the symbol of Mars, the ancient Roman god of war, which stems from the ancient chemical symbol for iron – a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right. The diagonal iron bar used to attach the logo to the first Volvo models’ grilles also became part of the official logo later on. The iron badge is also a representation of the Swedish iron industry and their qualities of strength and durability.

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I took mine completely off. I like to think of the shaft sticking out below my headlights with a nut on the end as a bug gun. Kindof nerdy right? I bought my dad a set of deer whistles so he just removed the whole shaft and put the whistles in the wiper cutouts. It looks not to shabby.

Both my headlight wipers on my 2000 v 40 diesel stopped working at the same time.How can i fix them.?

I waited until they went reasonably level, and then disconnected them, siliconed up the open connectors, zipped up a bit of wire, and done with them.

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