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Great Sounding Turbo Cars List

Looking for some Great Sounding Turbo Cars ?

Ferrari, STi, Porsche, Supra… yawn… wait. What’s this oddball inline 5 in this boxy 4-door? OH YEA. It’s the ICONIC VOLVO 5! Whoooo!

Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

Great Sounding Turbo Cars Rock!

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Volvo T5: Howling Engine, Plain Brown Wrapper

Volvo and Performance are not really two synonymous terms. Volvos have always been (well, until recently) square cars for even more square people.  Tough engines, comfy seats, angular styling – great for hauling the kids to soccer practice, not so great for hauling ass.  Right?  Well, this guy begs to differ:


As it turns out, if you roll up next to a Volvo 850 at a stoplight and it sounds like an angry chainsaw, you probably shouldn’t race it if you want to escape with your dignity intact.  Domestic Muscle guys have been learning this lesson the hard way for years. Now, to be sure, Volvo made some quick cars before the T-5 motor came out.  The 740 Turbo wagons in the 80’s that could run nose-and-nose with a Porsche 944 come to mind.  But it was really the introduction of the 850 Turbo in 1994 that the world began to think of Volvos as something more than Professor-mobiles.

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